Taking care of your writing with pride and joy

Hello, I’m Joy,

Welcome my world of words. It’s wonderful to meet you!

I’m a professional, friendly editor and proofreader you’ve been searching for. Fabulous attention to detail is my super power.

My specialism is wellbeing, ‘self-help’ and spirituality books. And let’s face it – the world needs more compassion, connection and healing.

As a writer I ‘get’ how precious your manuscript is to you. My promise to you is to look after your writing carefully and attentively. We’ll work in partnership so you create an impact with your words.

The name Joy means delight or great happiness, from the Old French “joie”. I love helping writers just like you achieve the best for your readers through your words.

Come on then, let’s create something magical together…


“…giving precedence to the task in hand – the art of writing – which is a valuable task, deserving of our full attention.”

From the Joy of Mindful Writing by Joy Kenward, Leaping Hare Press, 2017