Pride and Joy Editorial Services

Proofreading – giving you an error-free manuscript, advertising / PR material, blog post, thesis, dissertation, website copy etc.

Copy-editing – helping you with clear grammar, correct spelling and concise punctuation so that you can publish a book that you can be proud of.

Developmental editing/Beta reading – giving you helpful thoughts and suggested directions about your story writing.

Virtual PA services – helping you with everyday tasks to protect your valuable writing time so that you can do just that.

Assuredly discreet and confidential collection of unpaid invoices – using my experience in collections and cash flow to help you stay afloat and pay the bills.

Just imagine all the things that you could write about in all the time that I am able to free up for you…

The M Word – or Pricing

Because we need to be open about the money word, prices for editorial services, delivered with pride and joy, are based on the current SfEP guidelines for rates. These are available at

Your time is precious and you want to spend it writing. Contact me and let’s have a chat about what your manuscript, your readers and you really need. Together we can talk about what is cost effective for you and efficient and achievable for me. 

I worked with Joy on the second book in my Father/Son series,  Father, Son and Return to the Pennine Way.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. Joy’s meticulous, she’s accurate and she’s punctual. If she says she’ll have something back to you by Tuesday afternoon it’s there by Tuesday afternoon. Given that all of us need to fit our writing round the ‘day job,’ that’s invaluable.

More importantly though, Joy works ‘with’ you. She recognises that we all have our own natural ‘voice.’ She doesn’t impose her rigid ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong. Yes, she’ll obviously tell you if you’ve written ‘its’ instead of ‘it’s’ or ‘their’ instead of ‘there.’ But if it suits your voice to start a sentence with ‘and’ – or ‘but’ – then Joy recognises that.

She’s also a really nice person. Yes, chances are you’ll only deal with her online – but that’ll still come through. And it’s important.

Mark Richards


Proof reading and editing my website content at is something that I often struggle to find the time for so finding someone like Joy, who is able to help me out as and when I need, has been just perfect. Joy is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is efficient, professional and incredibly easy to get along with. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Paula Lawson

Be Happy Be Bright Be You

Joy, I have to say, you have been an absolute God-send. When I decided to work on getting my dad’s book published, I knew having it edited would be the major challenge. I really didn’t know where to start in terms of identifying a suitable editor especially given the sensitivity of the subject matter (living with cancer), how to keep it true to my dad etc. I really felt the weight of responsibility given my dad’s advancing years, his increasing frailty and how to do him and the great work he has undertaken justice. Not to mention the meaning this book has to me given it’s my father’s work.
When we first met, just talking with you and getting to know you made me realise you were the right person for the job. You have not let me down. The kindness, sensitivity and diligence with which you’ve undertaken the task is something I’ll for ever be grateful. When I asked my dad, are you pleased with your book and he answered yes, Joy’s done a great job, you’ve no idea how much that meant and I thank you for that. Thank you so much for what you’ve done, not just in terms of editing but taking the weight of my shoulders and being a friend.
I think for any author entrusting one’s manuscript to an editor, a piece of work which is so personal in so many ways, is probably one of the most challenging tasks associated with having a book published. Joy, your style, manner and professional approach is such that I have no hesitation in recommending you and the wonderful services you offer, I know you will be inundated but please remember I have another book or two in the pipeline for you to edit….. 😊.
Thank you for what you have done for my father and for me. He asked me to send you his personal sincere thanks and gratitude.
Karl Bindemann and Sidney Bindemann

Living & Coping with Cancer ... Help & Support in Letters from a Friend. , Available on Amazon here

You have produced an extremely convincing and precisely articulated assessment … Your paper consistently maintains a sharply focused and highly effective critical analysis, underpinned by a very strong logic. There is good identification and establishment of significance, and excellent use of case studies.
Depth of Knowledge
It is evident that you have worked hard and invested considerable thought and effort … You offer a comprehensive, informative,  and thought-provoking study.  Data is very well integrated throughout, and the various aspects of the topic are linked convincingly, your case studies are very well selected and interpreted with insight.
Structure & Style
Your paper is written clearly and effectively in a crisp, robust style without ambiguity. Points are made to good effect. There are no issues of concern with regard to spelling and grammar.  You navigate complexity with commendable clarity. The structure is excellent and reflects a systematic progression through the analytical themes, with data very well organized. Pace and tone are appropriate and academic conventions are observed.
Grade Awarded: A+
RAF Wing Commander

Feedback on a Dissertation - Defence Research Paper

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