Taking care of your writing with pride and joy

Hello, I’m Joy,

Welcome to my website and world of words – it’s great to see you here!

I’m a freelance provider of all sorts of editorial services to mainly independent writers and authors as a proofreader, copy-editor and an extra, safe pair of hands for your writing. I do hope you can find the help that you’re looking for here (please let me know if you can’t).

Did you know that the name Joy means delight or great happiness, which derives from the Old French “joie”? Nothing makes me happier than helping writers like you achieve the best you can for your writing and your readers.

So, let’s see what we can create together…

“…giving precedence to the task in hand – the art of writing – which is a valuable task, deserving of our full attention.”

From the Joy of Mindful Writing by Joy Kenward, Leaping Hare Press, 2017